Sepia New York was founded in 2010 to provide clients with a distinctive and intimate sample development and production experience,

anchored in Manhattan's fashion district.


We specialize in premium, eco and exotic leather products.

With 35 years of knowledge, Sepia New York bring

unparalleled expertise and capability to our clients. 

Today. Sepia New York is one of the most noted leather accessories workshop

in New York City. Our R&D department is one of a few in the industry that

utilize 3d silmulation technology that can provide the most advance 

and cost effective products to our clients. 

Kyung Park
Founder and Principal

Born in Korea and currently living in Douglaston New York, Kyung learned his trade skills 30 years ago and have worked in many fashion companies supporting their sample development centers.  As a craftsman expect, Kyung is well respected in the fashion industry and regarded as the "go to" person for pristine samples.  Kyung is a remarkable entrepreneur that

has a vision to create the best workshop in NYC. 

Alan Au
Project Director

With his twenty years of experience in design, product development and sourcing, Alan joined the company in 2017. He handles the management of sales, material sourcing as well as improvising supply chain requirement.